Thursday, January 3, 2008

Goals Met and Unmet for 2007, Plans for 2008 and 2009

2007 Goals met and unmet (not in any particular order):
1) Finish faster at the 70.3 Eagleman Half Ironman than 2006 (took 45 minutes off for a finish of 5:45)
2) Break 5:30 for half IM: Got a PR in September of 5:37. Goal moved to 2008
3) Break 3 hours on half IM bike: 2:53:21 in September
4) Break 3 hours for Oly: Did 2:20 in July, surprisingly took my age group
5) Finish Kona (my first IM): Time: 13:43 (the wind on the bike kicked my ass) but I had the
time of my life

2008 Goals:
1) Break 5:30 for Half IM (at Eagleman if conditions are like last year)
2) See how close I can come to (or if it is a perfect day) break the 13 hour mark at Lake Placid
3) Complete the brutal Savageman Half IM in Maryland in September
4) Do back to back tris: complete the Luray Oly on Saturday and Luray Sprint on Sunday
5) Break 4 hours in marathon for the second time (PR is 3:41)

Looking far ahead to 2009:
1) Do TTT
2) Do IM in another country - Roth, Austria, Germany, Switzerland?


Tony said...

1 - That was a HOT day in Sep as I recall, and that cone turnaround at the top of the hill was annoying. I believe you'll rock and leave 5:30 choking on your dust! :)

2 - Downhill running bay-bee! Believe in yourself on the bike and let it go!

3 - Nut job! :-P

4 - Not quite as nuts as #3!

5 - I got $20 that says you go sub-4 on a marathon given how well you rocked out your Kona run!

"Anything is possible!" - Ironman Motto

pcsolotto said...

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