Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finally - it's 2008!

I made a post on about how to deal with the post season/post Ironman blues back on Nov. 27 and it went like this:

"So I spent my year training for and completing three half IM's, three Oly's, a sprint and the big Kahuna at Kona. A very productive year indeed. Now what? I know about the advice to try some new things, other sports etc. I am doing that and will even start doing some Yoga over the offseason. I do have Lake Placid to look forward to next year, but is it normal to feel down post season? This sucks".

I got some great advice to try some new, non-triathlon related activities. I did start to do Yoga, which I really enjoy.

However, I have really been slacking in my other training. I am still running three times a week, but only biking maybe twice and swimming only once or twice a week.

It's time to snap out of whatever the heck I have been going through. I have Eagleman and Lake Placid to look forward to in 2008. I am so glad it's finally January and although the wind chill is arctic-like this week, the temperature is expected to be in the high 50's to low 60's early next week (a sneak peek at spring is just what I need).


Kate said...

Stacy, I think your story is remarkable and I want to congratulate you on your wonderful journey to IM. Job well done, woman! You have so much to be proud of! Keep that head held high for all of us following in your footsteps. Regards, Kate

Stacy Taylor: 2007 Lottery Winner - Kona Hawaii Ford Ironman Triathlon Championship said...

Thank you Kate. It was an absolutely amazing experience. Do you do triathlons as well?

IMVoice said...


i just read your Lake Placid article for the first time yesterday. You captured what it is all about in the tower and bringing in the Ironman finishers. My blessing is I get to do it many times during the year and each time is like my first!
Happy Holidays,

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