Friday, April 11, 2008

A year ago today, I found out about my Kona Lottery Slot

One year ago I found out about my Kona Lottery Slot by ABC 7 News here in the DC area.
It was Friday, April 13. Friday, the 13th. Very lucky for me as it turns out.
The Ironman was exactly six months later on Oct. 13.
13 is now one of my lucky numbers

Every single thing I did for those six months was about the race. One year has come and gone, but it seems like a few months, maybe.

I decided not to sign up for the lottery this year and probably won't again. Training for and completing Kona was simply the most amazing experience of my life and while I would love to do it again, I want others like me who love triathlon to have that opportunity in the future.

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